Affordable Care Act Behavioral Health Consultant

Psychiatric Hospital Strategic Planning Consultants

As an Affordable Care Act behavioral health consultant firm we help hospitals plan and asses market changes and growth opportunities Obamacare has brought to the field.

Should we expand our behavioral health services and inpatient psychiatric unit?

What is the demand for additional psychiatric services in our hospital?

How do we integrate behavioral health and primary care?

 Greater Demand

Nationally the Affordable Care Act has increased demand for inpatient psychiatric care and outpatient behavioral health treatment. The influx of patients is driving an increase in the number of inpatient psychiatric beds in many markets. We are working with hospitals and medical centers to assess the demand relative to new facilities and additional beds now and over the next 5 years with our Feasibility and Demand studies.

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Readiness

Behavioral health organizations are expanding strategic plans for full implementation of the Affordable Care Act. We assist hospitals analyze their psychiatric and substance abuse treatment service line’s position relative to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. We study: operational processes, labor productivity, the organizational structure, program models, care coordination, technology, and revenue cycle to identify and financially quantify performance improvement opportunities.

Expanded Medicaid and Health Insurance Exchanges will add health insurance coverage for millions of Americans with mental illness. Positioning psychiatric and substance abuse treatment programs for financial viability and quality of care success under the Affordable Care Act initiatives is critical. We are working now with rural as well as large urban Safety Net hospitals to plan, develop, operate and structure for financial success the following :


  • Medicare Shared Savings Program, Accountable Care Organizations
  • Medicaid Behavioral Health Homes (Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment) Medical Homes (All populations)
  • Consumer Care Coordination
  • Delivery System Transformation Initiatives
  • Integrated Behavioral Health and Primary Care programs and pilots


Key Elements of the Affordable Care Act Relevant to Behavioral Health

  • Medicaid state plan option to permit Medicaid enrollees with at least two chronic condition and risk of developing another, or at least one serious and persistent mental health condition to designate a provider as a Health Home / Medicaid Behavioral Health Home
  • Reduced Disproportionate Share (DSH) allotments to states will impact most hospitals.
  • Accountable Care Organizations have the potential to promote evidence-based medicine, including psychiatry, and benefit from Medicare Shared Savings based on improved quality and lower costs
  • Create new demonstration projects in Medicaid:
    • To pay bundled payments for episodes of care that include hospitalizations
    • To make global capitated payments to safety net hospital systems
    • To provide Medicaid payments to institutions of mental disease for adult enrollees who require stabilization of an emergency condition


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