Feasibility Studies

Psychiatric Hospital Feasibility Studies

“We are looking for behavioral health feasibility studies to determine the financial viability of a new psychiatric inpatient unit.”

“Is there enough demand to fill the psychiatric beds?”

“What’s the regulatory impact on costs?”


Behavioral Health Industry Feasibility Studies

For over 20 years we have completed feasibility studies tailored to specific hospital and behavioral healthcare delivery system needs within the public, for profit and non-profit sectors.  Clients use our demand analyses, projections, and financial forecasts to make informed decisions and justify as well as attract investment.

We have completed feasibility studies and Certificates of Need research for facility startups of freestanding psychiatric hospitals, inpatient psychiatric units, expanded mental health and substance abuse treatment outpatient service systems, children’s residential treatment programs and sub-specialty programs within the behavioral health and the intellectual / cognitive disabilities fields.

Some of components of our behavioral health industry feasibility studies may include:

  1. Projected need: volume demand over time and number of beds
  2. Population / patient demographics
  3. Market position, competitors, market penetration
  4. Financial forecast, scenarios, assumptions:
    • Payor mix
    • Expected profit and loss, breakeven
    • Capital costs
    • Revenue cycle, billing, collections
  5. Physical plant / safety modifications
  6. Technology needs
  7. Availability of Medical Staff, Psychiatrists, Nurses, Support Staffing
  8. Program model, sub-specialties tracks / services
  9. Care coordination and client throughput
  10. Regulations, CMS compliance, state licensing, policies and procedures
  11. Business and referral development
  12. Partnership and alliances
  13. Political environment
  14. Affordable Care Act – potential impact

When the study indicates a strong opportunity, we will work with the client to develop a Management Action Plan (MAP) outlining timeframes, responsibilities, and steps to goal accomplishment.

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