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Psychiatric Hospital Feasibility Studies“We are considering opening a new psychiatric inpatient unit and need a behavioral health expert to help assess the new program’s financial feasibility.”

“We are looking for a behavioral health management consulting company to help prepare a Certificate of Need for a new geriatric psychiatric hospital.”

“Our hospital system wants to open new psychiatric hospital facilities but needs a behavioral health management company to find the best markets and provide hospital start-up services.”


Psychiatric Facility Startup Management Services

The Schafer Consulting Start-Up team has extensive experience starting psychiatric hospitals. Over the past 30 years we have provided behavioral health management consultant services to investors, hospitals and health systems interested in developing or expanding specialty psychiatric inpatient services including:

  • Free Standing Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Psychiatric Inpatient Units for Children
  • Psychiatric Inpatient Units for Adolescents
  • Geriatric Psychiatric Inpatient Units
  • Psychiatric Residential Treatment Centers for Children and Adolescents
  • Residential Rehabilitation Centers for Addiction Treatment

Our psychiatric facility startup management services include the following:

Behavioral Health Market Research

The Schafer Consulting Start-Up team provides specialized behavioral health market research that generates reliable data suitable for starting or expanding psychiatric programs.

Our Market Research is custom designed to each client’s objectives and available for all modalities of mental health, addiction treatment, developmental disabilities, children and youth services and juvenile corrections. Using tested methodologies, we can project:

  • Bed and service demand
  • Census level
  • Absorption rate
  • Revenue by payer
  • Utilization by various demographics at national, regional, state and local levels.

The behavioral health market research developed by the Schafer Consulting team is used for feasibility studies, strategic planning, acquisitions, business development, Certificates of Need, operations analysis, competitive intelligence and investor information.

Our proprietary behavioral health market analysis may include:

  • Projected Demand for Services (Demand Analysis)
  • Payer and Funding Opportunities Study
  • Demographic Study
  • Community Needs Study
  • Quantitative Market Analysis
  • Qualitative Market and Stakeholder Perception
  • Competitor Analysis and Intelligence
  • Consumer Surveys
  • Stakeholder and Payer Survey
  • Board and Investor Survey
  • Tailored State-Required Studies for a Certificate of Need

 Behavioral Health Business Development

Marketing a new psychiatric facility is vital to its success and begins before the doors are open. Our senior partners are highly qualified to help new behavioral health programs get off the ground. We have started-up, marketed, managed, and operated new psychiatric facilities which makes us highly and uniquely qualified to help new behavioral health or psychiatric facilities get started. Behavioral health development services we provide include:

  • Behavioral Health Market Research
  • Site Location
  • Physical Plant Planning
  • Financial Analysis and Start up Budget
  • Start Up Management
  • Joint Commission Accreditation
  • State Licensing and CMS Compliance
  • Marketing and Referral Development
  • Strategic Partners
  • Health Insurance Contracting

More than numbers and geo-coded maps, we turn our research into business insight that a hospital or health system can effectively use to discover new markets and opportunities.

Certificates of Need (CON)

Where state approval is required for new or expanded psychiatric facilities, our behavioral health development consultants can complete the Certificate of Need. The CON or “Certificate of Public Need” requires owners and sponsors to secure state approval prior to initiating projects such as psychiatric or substance abuse facilities, mental retardation services, certain capital expenditures and nursing homes.

Our leadership’s extensive experience obtaining Certificates of Need for psychiatric hospitals brings real world knowledge to the CON preparation process. We address each state’s key criteria that typically include:

  1. The relationship of the psychiatric facility project to the state health care plan
  2. The need for enhanced or added psychiatric beds or facilities to serve the population of an area
  3. The extent to which the added psychiatric facility is accessible to all residents in the region
  4. The short and long term economic impact and financial feasibility of the project


Experienced at Providing Start-Up Services for Psychiatric Specialty Hospitals and Units

Our psychiatric hospital consultant team is uniquely qualified to research, plan and start new psychiatric hospitals and behavioral health programs. Our Senior Partners have planned, developed, owned and managed psychiatric hospitals throughout the United States since 1993. We work with private investors and hospital system leadership interested in starting and operating new psychiatric hospitals, geriatric psychiatric facilities, psychiatric inpatient units, and longer-term rehabilitation programs. To learn more about our background, please visit About Us.


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