Turnaround Management

Hospital Turnaround Management Specialists

“We need a behavioral health interim turnaround management company to improve operations.”

“Our hospital behavioral health services are losing money and facing other challenges – what can we do?”

“We need an experienced interim behavioral health director.”


Behavioral Health Interim Turnaround Management

Schafer Consulting provides behavioral health interim turnaround management for hospitals, health systems, and residential treatment centers.  Our Senior Partners directly provide this hands on service. The Senior Partners have owned, managed, and operated psychiatric hospitals and health systems throughout the United States. They  bring real world, seasoned, on the ground improvement for under performing behavioral health operations.

Turnaround Operations Assessment and Management Action Plan

Collaborating with senior leadership, the governing body or ownership, we complete a behavioral health turnaround operations assessment and plan. The assessment and turnaround plan defines clear financial, operational, and quality objectives. It spells out the specific activities, responsibilities, and time frames for improving the behavioral health program’s financial and clinical performance.  The Management Action Plan may include instituting program changes, improving productivity, increasing census, renegotiating contractual obligations, resolving debt issues, correcting deficiencies, forming strategic alliances, or other mission critical changes.

Interim Behavioral Health Director

Our interim turnaround manager works with leadership on-site, every day to systemically implement the plan that was developed and approved as the result of an Operations Assessment and Management Action Plan (MAP). Organizational Transformation or Turnaround deliverables can range from full time interim management to problem specific correction. Some examples of specific organizational transformation deliverables are:

  • Working with the board and senior management to meet debt payment terms through cost efficiencies, improved operating practices, and new revenue streams
  • Development of measurable objectives for the management team
  • Design and guide the implementation of a marketing strategy
  • Development of reliable financial measures and reporting tools
  • Revenue cycle and collections improvements
  • Streamline of supply chain and purchasing
  • Measure and increase productivity
  • Assess, and if indicated, adjust staffing levels relative to the number of clients in care, regulatory requirements, and best practice
  • Cultivate a culture of productivity, accountability, compliance, and quality
  • Form linkages and partnerships for an Accountable Care Organization
  • Provide “hands on” consultation, training, and progress monitoring
  • Regular progress reports to the bond holders’ representative, trustee, or board of directors

Most recently, our Interim Manager functioned as CEO of a $61 million children’s behavioral health care system unable to make bond payments. In another project with a major safety net hospital facing CMS sanctions related to their behavioral health service line, we guided an 8 month “hands on” compliance improvement project. Talk to us Schafer Consulting has a track record of improving productivity, and rebuilding positive relationships with creditors, medical staff, payers, regulators, consumers and advocates by using real world business solutions.  Since 1993, Schafer Consulting has been uniquely focused in behavioral healthcare and we look forward to speaking with you about your specific needs. Call (724) 213-0200 or contact us in confidence.