Residential Treatment Center Management

Psychiatric Residential Treatment Center Management Consultants“We need a specialized residential treatment center management consultant that has experience with our funding, finances, programs and market.”

“How do we improve the census for our children and youth psychiatric residential treatment center?”

“We want to expand our drug and alcohol residential treatment center but need a market analysis, business plan or feasibility study to determine if an expansion might be beneficial.


Residential Treatment Center Management Consultants

The residential treatment management consultant team at Schafer Consulting includes senior partners who have successfully planned, developed, owned and operated psychiatric and drug and alcohol residential treatment centers. Since 1993 we have helped children’s residential treatment centers, adult and youth drug treatment programs, psychiatric hospitals and behavioral health systems:

  • Transform and turnaround operations
  • Start new programs
  • Improve census
  • Increase profit
  • Restructure debt
  • Obtain accreditation
  • Comply with federal and state regulations


Services for Residential Treatment Centers

  • Operations Assessment
  • Feasibility Studies, Market Analysis & Plan
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Plan
  • Executive Support & Mentoring

These services are described in more detail in the following sections:


Operations Assessment

The Operations Assessment is designed to help leadership get a qualified, independent look at the operations from an outside, experienced perspective. The result is a written report with findings and recommendations geared to the organization’s interests. Typically, an Operations Assessment covers (but is not limited to) the following areas:

  • Financial: Cash Flow, Expenses, Income, Payer Mix, Revenue Cycle, Contracts, Debt
  • Productivity: Staff, Providers, Productivity Benchmarks, Cancellations, No Shows
  • Census: Patient Access, Throughput, Referral Sources
  • Market: Market Trends, Demographics, Business Development, Opportunities

Program Model: Assess the viability of opening or converting to a sub-specialty program (e.g. Geriatric Psychiatric, Autism, Developmental Disabilities, Gender Specific).

Accreditation and Compliance: Preparation for The Joint Commission or CARF accreditation, compliance with state licensing, and CMS regulations.

Management Tools: Evaluate tools used to manage day-to-day Daily Management and Operating Metrics.


Feasibility Studies, Market Analysis & Marketing Plan

Opportunities exist in most markets for innovative services. Identifying, evaluating, and interacting with a particular market can result in a profitable and sustainable new service or improvement to an existing service. Investors, foundations, donors, and government licensing/funding agencies require well-researched and independent feasibility studies.

Each feasibility study, market analysis and plan is fully tailored for each client’s needs and business objectives. Our residential treatment management consultant team’s combined 60 years experience developing, operating and managing psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment centers, and drug treatment rehabilitation programs, means success for our clients.


Strategic Planning

What will our organization look like in three years? Five years? How should we position for the evolving market and reimbursement reality? These types of questions are answered in a Strategic Plan.

In behavioral health and human services, little “holds still” – new regulations, the Accountable Care Act, new competitors, flat funding, risk contracts, and shifting demographics require constant attention and responses. The Strategic Plan takes into account these market forces and provides a plan for the future that is customized to the needs, capacity, scope of services, and goals of your organization.


Business Plan

Our Business Plans are rooted in the realities of developing, operating, and consulting to hospitals and residential treatment centers throughout the US. Many organizations are interested in expanding, changing, starting new programs or opening new facilities. Opportunities exist based on the increased number of newly insured patients under the Accountable Care Act and Medicaid Expansion in some states.

A fully developed, targeted business plan provides the information owners, senior executives and Boards need to make a “go” or “no go” decision.

Executive Support & Mentoring

While executive directors or leaders are highly devoted and professionally qualified, they are often alone in their quest to keep the organization on track. These executives benefit from access to a seasoned executive who “has walked the walk”, particularly in terms of all the daily expectations, such as:

  1. Sustaining or enhancing the organization’s financial condition
  2. Strengthening a quality culture
  3. Communicating and collaborating with the Board of Directors
  4. Handling relations with the media
  5. Working effectively with staff, clients, and the community.

Our Executive Support and Mentoring approach is educational, positive, collaborative, friendly but clear, effective and sensitive to the confidential nature of the support.


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