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Psychiatric Hospital Strategic Planning Consultants

Behavioral Health Strategic Plan

We research and develop Behavioral Health Strategic Plans for hospitals and academic medical centers throughout the United States. Our focus is meeting community need, improving financial sustainability and providing high quality care.

Behavioral Health Strategic Plan Approach

The Schafer Consulting Team researches and develops successful strategic plans for hospitals and healthcare systems with behavioral health service lines, residential treatment facilities that specialize in behavioral health, and agencies and outpatient clinics. Since each company’s needs and situation are unique, our strategic planning approach is always focused and customized to those specific organizational needs and objectives.

We have national experience certificates of need (CON) for new programs and facilities.

Our Strategic Action Plan is a practical management tool that enables your organization to reach clearly defined business goals over the long term. Whether your goal is to further an organizational mission, meet growth related market objectives,  or position for the Accountable Care Act and innovative delivery system projects, a strategic plan for your organization includes:

  • Organizational Assessment & Analysis
  • Environmental Assessment & Analysis
  • Comprehensive Strategic Action Plan

Internal Assessment

The internally focused organizational assessment provides management with a profile of internal strengths & weaknesses that include organizational and cultural reviews and assessments, a service volume trend assessment, program capacity assessment,  clinical staff specialties review and financial position assessment. An anonymous Staff Survey helps define key concerns and opportunities. The information gathered during the Organizational Assessment and interviews is analyzed in order to identify strategies, potential service line opportunities, staff/structure adjustments that need to occur, and readiness tasks and threats.

Environmental Assessment

The environmental assessment provides management with a profile of external factors that affect program utilization. During the assessment phase, we examine current and future projected demand/service needs and market position and market research. We identify and analyze the competition, research and identify pertinent legislation and funding streams that will impact your strategies. We have direct experience in 49 states and the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia in Canada with inpatient and outpatient psychiatric programs.

Comprehensive Strategic Action Plan

A result of the organizational and environmental assessment and analyses is the Comprehensive Strategic Action Plan. The Strategic Action Plan is a customized plan for your business that is the result of our analyses and collaboration with you and your stakeholders. The Comprehensive Strategic Action Plan provides:

  1. Primary and secondary objectives
  2. Strategies for meeting those objectives
  3. Quantified financial scenarios
  4. Step by step time frame for achieving those objectives
  5. Specific areas of responsibility
  6. Built in accountability tools that enable management to keep an eye on important measures going forward.

Strategic Action Plan Implementation Assistance

We offer a range of customized implementation solutions that are geared to your organization. These can range from full, on-site implementation management after the Strategic Acton Plan is developed to periodic guidance and troubleshooting.

Affordable Care Act Increasing Demand for Behavioral Health Services

The Affordable Care Act is driving increased demand for inpatient psychiatric facilities across the across the country. We work with hospitals, academic medical centers and healthcare systems to assess the behavioral health service needs in their communities and markets.

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Our experience planning, building, and operating psychiatric hospital systems and multi-state children and youth residential treatment centers means we can efficiently, effectively, and seamlessly implement the components of the comprehensive Behavioral Health Strategic Plan.

Since 1993, Schafer Consulting has been uniquely focused in behavioral healthcare and we look forward to speaking with you about your specific needs. Call (724) 213-0200 or contact us in confidence.